As a client, you need answers and a plan.  Hale & Associates will assist you every step of the way whether your case requires litigation, or can be resolved through other negotiation strategies.    


We represent many clients who choose to take the mediation path.  Our firm prepares all necessary case related paperwork including, but not limited to, a detailed mediation brief with exhibits and, ultimately, a well crafted settlement agreement.  Also, by specific request from family law judges and attorneys, Attorney Hale has successfully served in the capacity of a mediator and judge pro tem on hundreds of family law cases.

For many divorcing couples, mediation is both an efficient and desirable means to equitably conclude a divorce case.  Mediation can be a cost effective way for divorcing couples to present to each other, with the assistance of a qualified professional neutral third party, their respective proposal for how to equitably divide their marital estate.  For a mediation to be successful, each party must be willing to communicate openly, honestly and respectfully.  Each party should also be prepared to exercise some degree of flexibility when negotiating as rigidity does not typically lend itself well to reaching a settlement.

Photo by Digital Vision./Photodisc / Getty Images

Photo by Digital Vision./Photodisc / Getty Images


In some instances, despite every effort made to conclude your case through mediation or, a negotiated settlement, it may become necessary and, even prudent, for your case to be litigated in a court room.  Litigation should not be feared and, when not overly used, may be a potential instrument and a means to bringing your case to conclusion. 
Attorney Hale brings more than thirteen years of court room litigation experience gained during his practice years in Los Angeles and San Diego.  Our support staff is well trained and highly efficient in preparing a case whether that preparation is for a hearing, settlement conference, or trial. 

One of the hallmarks of our firm is the ability to comprehend, focus, and attend to complex case related issues of custody, parental time share, potential restraining orders, spousal and child support, property division, debt allocation, and division of retirement and pension accounts.  Where it becomes necessary for a Judge to decide the issues, our detailed understanding of the specific facts of your case enables us to secure the best results for you.