Family Law, Exclusively

Whether your family law conflict involves divorce, paternity determination, child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, debt allocation, pension plan rights, retirement benefits, or restraining orders, the legal processes for resolving these issues are complicated and confusing.

Call Hale & Associates for a free consultation to better understand your options and rights.  Our firm will guide you through an equitable way to resolve your family law conflicts whether through a negotiated settlement or, if necessary, courtroom litigation.   Our firm takes pride in assisting our clients in regaining a sense of dignity. We encourage full participation by our clients in the decisions that will need to be made during what can be a very difficult life transition. 

We provide caring, well qualified assistance in all areas of family law.  Our firm will help you navigate and understand the complex and often confusing legal processes that pertain to family law conflicts.


"Fred is an outstanding family law attorney who is focused on his client's needs.  Fred is always looking for a reasonable solution to the problems presented to him but he will not back away from a fight where is client is being treated unfairly.  Fred is well regarded by the court and his peers.  I recommend Fred without any reservations." 

-Gordon Cruse, Owner Gordon  D. Cruse, APLC