Firm Philosophy

Our firm is founded on the principles of respect, dignity, courtesy, and service.  We have a deep understanding of the emotional conflict and fears you may feel during this turbulent time in your life.

At the Hale & Associates, we are dedicated to the proposition that every client is entitled to maintain their self-respect, dignity, and decision making power for themselves and families throughout a process often marked by high emotional turmoil, confusion, and mistrust. We strive to empower clients with a sense of self-determination, while lending emotional support and responsiveness to issues as they arise.  We manage every case from the perspective that litigation (where judges make the decisions) is best reserved for those rare cases where progress cannot be made through assertive negotiation, mediation, or through other assisted disposition strategies.

This is your life, your family, your money, your future.  Our firm is responsible for helping you reach decisions that benefit you and your family. Ultimately, we, like you, hope to avoid excessive costs driven by conflict, pettiness, or simply through uninformed choices. We share your goal of moving you quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively towards your new life.