About The Firm


Licensed in 1995 in the State of California to practice law, Frederick D. Hale received his litigation training in Los Angeles working for the prestigious family law firm of Trope and Trope, one of the nation’s largest and leading family law firms.  The benefit to you of his experience at Trope and Trope is that Attorney Hale is well versed and fully understands the nuisances, complexities, and costs associated with litigating complicated family law conflicts. Having spent nearly 10 years in the high octane arena of the Los Angeles divorce courts, Attorney Hale and his family returned to North County in the hopes of raising their two children in the community he called home as a child.

Upon returning to North County, attorney Hale had the great honor and privilege working as an associate with the Law Offices of James A. Hennenhoefer—one of San Diego’s premier divorce litigators. 
Hale & Associates was founded from the concept that the aggressive litigation experience gained at Trope and Trope and the Law Offices of James A. Hennenhoefer would serve well as a foundation for a preference that clients be afforded the greatest possible opportunity to decide issues for themselves.  With the assistance of a skilled attorney such as attorney Hale, clients are encouraged to contribute to the decisions regarding what should happen with their children, their assets, their savings, and their futures.

Our highly seasoned staff possesses the highest level of experience in working with reputable forensic professionals including accountants, psychologists, deferred compensation experts, and retirement and pension fund evaluators, to assist the client in reaching informed decisions.  We consult with the most trusted business appraisers, if that is also an issue.

Our firm prides itself in empowering you to decide how to have a “successful divorce.”  By this we mean that you have been fully informed of your rights, responsibilities, and options during this time of high stress and anxiety to you and your family, and that you have a team of caring responsive professionals guiding you every step of the way.


Each of us is assigned many different kinds of numbers throughout our lifetime, whether it’s social security, driver’s license, phone or a case number for a divorce file—no one wants to be treated like just another number.   Each and every client and their legal case, is treated with equal respect and importance in our firm.  Our staff is trained to lend emotional support and to be responsive to issues as they may arise.  They are also very effective in identifying potential problem areas in a case as well as assisting in the formulation of strategies and problem solving. 

To be of service is an important part of our firm’s mission and is reflected by the commitment of our staff members bring to their work and clients.


A key element to a successful outcome in a divorce case is by assisting a client in the management of her or his expectations.   First and foremost, a client will both want and need to know about their legal rights and obligations in a divorce situation.  One of the ways to accomplish moving your case through the court system as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible, is by helping you to set realistic expectations and clearly defined goals for yourself and your family while you are engaged in the divorce process.

Every client has their own idea and belief about what they think is “fair” as it relates to a division of assets, debts, custody and support.  The process of divorce court is about how to find your way to reaching an equitable division of marital assets and debts.


You may have heard attorneys occasionally referred to as “counselors at law” and this role is taken very seriously.  We consider it our privilege to provide you with the best legal advice during a time when making decisions may not necessarily come easily to you. Understanding a client’s goals in relationship to each step of their case is of critical importance.    Keeping clear and open lines of communication between client, staff and attorney, allows our firm to gain a quick and meaningful understanding of your goals and how best to serve and pursue those goals.