Practice Areas

Whether you need help with a divorce, legal separation, paternity, restraining orders, or other family law conflicts, Hale & Associates are here to support you.


Ultimately, a divorce is the death of a marriage.  And much like the passing of a loved one, you will experience times of confusion, uncertainty, conflict and high emotion during the pendency of your divorce proceedings.  Our firm focuses exclusively on representation in California divorces encompassing all issues, including child custody and support, spousal support (“alimony”), property and asset division, allocation of debts, and valuation issues.


We can also help you secure, if you so desire, a legal separation from your spouse.  A legal separation is very similar to a divorce, while remaining married at the end of the process, there do occasionally arise specific issues regarding maintenance of health insurance, division of pension and other retirement assets and the like.


This particular area, more than any other area of family law, tends to carry with it strong feelings and adamant positions from either or both parent.  We will be with you every step of the way in helping you make the necessary decisions for you and your children.  If a negotiated and/or peaceful custodial arrangement can not be reached, we will prepare your case for presentation to a Judge.


Our firm will assist you in either seeking or defending child support and spousal support matters.  We will explain the process to you and help you weigh the “cost benefit” of litigation on these issues.


You and your family may have spent years building a life together.  An important component of property and asset division is determining what you will be able to take with you by way of financial security as you begin your new life.  Our firm has a reputation for aptly identifying important issues involved in fairly dividing property and assets while maintaining focus on keeping your costs down in the process.


Especially during difficult economic times, how debt allocation is treated and which party is responsible for payment of them following a divorce or separation becomes a key topic of discussion and possible litigation.  Our firm prides itself in practical solutions in this area, while being able to “think outside the box” in reaching creative solutions to debt allocation issues.


There may be a business or real estate valuation issue involved in a divorce.  Our firm maintains exclusive working relationships with the most highly respected evaluators so that we may assist you in achieving the best possible results.